Welcome to the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department
Alarm Permit Management Site

The Sheriff's Dept responds to approx 32,000 alarm calls per year and 98% of these calls are false. The Alarm Bureau enforces the Sacramento County Emergency Alarm Ordinance and the Rancho Cordova Municipal Code.

Prevention Links:
False Alarm Prevention Checklist
Alarm Response Manager (ARM) Form


If you are an ADT customer who recently received an “Urgent Alarm Permit Notice” from ADT in the mail asking you to confirm your permit number, please email the Sheriff’s Alarm Bureau with the following information:

  • Name
  • Address where the alarm is located
  • Contact information

You are welcome to call the Alarm Bureau directly at (916)874-4616; however due to the number of inquiries, their telephone system is experiencing a high volume of calls which are resulting in technical difficulties.

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