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February 02, 2018

Seeking Assistance - East Area Rapist - Maggiore Double Murder

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department is asking for the public’s help on the 40th anniversary of the murders of Brian and Katie Maggiore, which occurred in Rancho Cordova, February 2, 1978.  Just after 9:00 p.m. on that date, Brian, and Katie took their dog for a walk in the neighborhood near their LaVerta Court apartment in Rancho Cordova.  While on their walk, they encountered the suspect and came to be in the backyard of a residence in the 10100 block of La Gloria Drive.  A violent encounter with the suspect ensued and they fled through a blown down fence into the rear yard of a residence in the 10100 block of La Alegria Drive, the street immediately to the north.  There, they were each shot and subsequently died of their wounds at a nearby hospital.

The investigation led investigators to believe the suspect in the case was an offender known as the East Area Rapist, who was active in Sacramento between 1976 and 1978. After this double murder, the East Area Rapist didn’t strike the jurisdiction of the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department again.  He continued terrorizing residents in the east and south Bay Area of California, before committing several murders in Southern California.  The DNA from evidence located during both series was linked in 2001.  Anyone with information about this case is urged to email the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department at

Current leads: 

Additionally, the following leads are under active investigation and in need of the public’s assistance, though the individuals described are only wanted for questioning and are not connected to any of the crimes at this time:

Anyone with knowledge of a subject who arrived at American River Hospital (now closed) at 11:47 a.m., on May 30th, 1977 for treatment of a possible broken shoulder.  The patient was potentially suspected of being the East Area Rapist by member(s) of the staff, for unknown reasons, who contacted the Sheriff’s Department.  The suspect fled the scene prior to treatment and prior to the arrival of Sheriff’s Deputies.

It was determined through investigation into the admissions form that the patient used a stolen union identification card from the Local 17 Warehouseman’s union that was in a wallet taken from an incident two years earlier.  All of the other information on the form such as phone numbers, addresses, etc., was found to be fictitious or related to the identity of the wallet theft/loss victim.  No description was given of the patient, but the emergency room staff member who completed the form had the initials “BK.”  It is conjectured that if the individual who sought treatment was the East Area Rapist, he may have suffered an injury related to his escape from the sexual assault of a couple on May 28th, 1977.  The rapist jumped a fence into a very steep canal where avoiding injury would be difficult in the dark.  This sexual assault also preceded an over 13-week break in the rape series and an 18-week break in attacks in Sacramento.

Anyone with knowledge of an investigation of a subject that was a patient at the now-closed Bay Area Union Professional Center located in 1973 at 6311 Fair Oaks Blvd in Carmichael, CA.  Detectives from the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department visited this optical center to attempt to identify a subject from a pair of prescription lenses dropped at the scene of a burglary in Rancho Cordova in January 1973. The burglary victims stated detectives advised them they had been able to identify a possible suspect in the case from the lens prescription and description of the suspect.  It doesn’t appear any case was filed, nor arrest made and the identity of the optical patient they identified is unknown.  The burglary suspect was described as a white male, 16-22, 5’8’ to 5’10” tall, 160-180 pounds, with medium brown hair touching the ears.  He was wearing shoes that left a “waffle print” pattern.  We are specifically looking for information about employees of the optical center, or persons familiar with the staff at the center in 1973 who may have information if contacted.

The Sacramento Sheriff’s Department will also be featuring this case on the website in the very near future and will announce more information at that time.

Sergeant Shaun Hampton

Sheriff’s Spokesman

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