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October 30, 2018

Suspect Arrested for Embezzling Over $138k from Non-Profits

In June of 2015, Jennifer Haymart of Carmichael, California was voted in as Treasurer for Deterding Elementary School’s Parent Teacher Organization, also known as DREAM PTO.  It was discovered in October of 2017, a large check was written to another local organization, the Carmichael Little League, where Haymart was also the Treasurer.

An investigation into DREAM PTO’s bank account revealed unauthorized withdrawals in addition to unauthorized checks written against the bank account beginning in November of 2015.  The unauthorized withdrawals and unauthorized checks were used for the personal gain of Haymart.  The amount taken from DREAM PTO for personal gain between November of 2015 and October of 2017 was approximately $85,371.36.

Haymart was the Treasurer for the Carmichael Little League from July of 2016 until November of 2017.  An investigation into the Carmichael Little League’s bank account revealed Haymart made numerous withdrawals, wrote checks, and made numerous purchases against the League’s account for her personal gain.  Bank records were retrieved by way of search warrant as Haymart removed access by all league parties from the bank account.  When asked by the League’s President for the bank statements, Haymart presented several months of forged documents as legitimate statements.  The amount taken from the Carmichael Little League for personal gain between July of 2016 and November of 2017 was approximately $52,756.73.     

Haymart was also involved with the Orangevale JAX Titans baseball team where she was conducting fundraisers.  Haymart paid herself out of the team’s PayPal account then created a fraudulent invoice to substantiate a purchase.  The amount taken from the Orangevale JAX Titans was $405.00.

After a lengthy investigation, Sheriff’s Department Detectives arrested Haymart today for charges related to embezzlement, grand theft, forgery, and unlawful use of personal identifying information.  Haymart is currently being held in the Sacramento County Main Jail in lieu of $125,000.00 bail.


Sergeant Shaun Hampton

Sheriff’s Spokesman

Click for full size photo Jennifer Haymart (39)

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