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December 03, 2018

In-Custody Death Update - Major Incident Public Briefing


On October 28, 2018, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department responded to numerous calls from citizens in the area of Watt Avenue and A Street in north Sacramento.  Callers indicated there was a male jumping on the hoods and rooftops of cars, damaging vehicles and ripping off windshield wipers.  The suspect was detained by arriving law enforcement and later identified as Marshall Miles.  Miles was subsequently transported to the Sacramento County Main Jail to be booked on numerous charges; both felony and misdemeanor.  Upon arrival to the jail, Miles was uncooperative and struggled with Sheriff’s Department personnel as he was escorted through the booking process.  After placement into a cell within the booking area Miles became unresponsive.  Deputies, jail medical staff, and fire department personnel provided medical aid to Miles.  Miles was subsequently transported to an area hospital for treatment.  Please follow this link to view the original press release:

This original incident occurred on October 28, 2018, and Miles was released from Sheriff’s Department custody on October 30, 2018, at 5:27 p.m. as part of a compassionate release.  A compassionate release is completed in an effort to allow the patient to have privacy and also to allow loved ones to visit with the patient while receiving medical care.  This ensures the patient will receive the best treatment possible without the barriers of law enforcement presence or security measures.  Miles died in the hospital on November 1, 2018.

Preliminary toxicology information indicates Miles had methamphetamine, cocaine, ecstasy, and marijuana in his system at the time of this incident.  More comprehensive toxicology tests, as well as a full autopsy, were completed by the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office.

Although Miles was not in Sheriff’s Department Custody at the time of his death, this incident is still treated as an in-custody death for purposes of reporting, evidence collection and preservation, and analysis.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department recognizes the significance of this incident and is committed to transparency and communicating openly with our community; therefore we have developed a video to accompany this release, which will provide some insight into how this event unfolded and details regarding the incident.

The material being released has been identified as significant to this incident and includes original 911 call audio, in-car camera video, closed circuit television video/audio from businesses in the area in addition to video from social media.  Also included is, closed circuit camera video from the Sacramento County Main Jail and video from a handheld camcorder utilized within the jail facility.

All videos being released have been minimally redacted to ensure the confidentiality and privacy of those involved.  Some faces have been blurred and audio redactions are signified by muted audio with no accompanying sound.

Please visit the following YouTube link to view the Sheriff’s Department Major Incident Public Briefing video:

Sergeant Shaun Hampton

Sheriff’s Spokesman

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