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June 19, 2020

The Following Is the Official Statement of Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones Regarding Gov. Newsom’s Order (June 18, 2020) for All Californians to Wear Face Coverings While Out in Public Places:

The Sheriff's Office recommends that everyone continue exercising safe practices, including wearing masks pursuant to the Governor's recommendation, especially around those in high-risk groups.

However, due to the minor nature of the offense, the potential for negative outcomes during enforcement encounters, and anticipating the various ways in which the order may be violated, it would be inappropriate for deputies to criminally enforce the Governor's mandate.  Accordingly, the Sheriff's Office will not be doing so.  Rather, we will continue to operate in an educational capacity in partnership with the County Health Office.

As for the Sheriff's Office and its employees, we will comply with the Governor's mask recommendations to the extent feasible.


Sergeant Rod Grassmann

Acting Sheriff’s Spokesperson

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