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McGruff the Crime Dog and Scruff standing by television.Don't Let Your Family Go Down the Tube - Use Television Wisely

  • Set limits on what children can watch. Homework and meals with the family take priority.
  • Watch TV with your children and talk about what each of you liked an didn't like.
  • Set an example. Carefully choose your own programs and the amount of time you watch television.
  • Make one room a TV-Free Zone - a comfortable place to read, talk, and listen, with no television set.
  • Don't use TV as a babysitter.
  • Encourage your children to spend their free time in activities such as sports, hobbies, playing with friends, or reading rather than sitting in front of the tube.
  • Limit video games to a half-hour a day. Use a kitchen timer.
  • Look for TV Programs that encourage kids to do something positive - build a playhouse, start a hobby, help out at home, volunteer to help someone. Look for TV programs that relate to a book, something your child is studying, or an experience from your own childhood or that of a relative.
  • Don't use TV as a reward or punishment.
  • If you find a TV ad or program offensive, write or call the sponsor and the station.

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