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Deputy directing traffic at night in front of Terminal A baggage claim.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department is extremely concerned for the safety of all people at the airport. Approximately 8.6 million people fly in and out of Sacramento International Airport every year. With that many passengers comes an extremely high volume of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Most of this traffic converges in front of the airport terminals. This is why it is so essential to follow the 10 MPH speed limit in front of the terminals.

It is as equally important for pedestrians to follow the laws and properly use crosswalks. The laws concerning the use of a cellular telephone while driving are enforced. Strict enforcement of traffic laws is essential to ensure the safety of all travelers at the airport.

Remember the highest speed limit at the airport is 35 MPH. Please slow down for everyone's safety.

The Speed Limit in front of the Terminals is 10 M.P.H. and is STRICTLY enforced!

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