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SHeriff's Amateur Radio Program

30 Years of Service to the Citizens of Sacramento County in 2007!

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The Sheriff's Amateur Radio Program will be celebrating their 30th year of service to the citizens of Sacramento County. SHARP members have volunteered for over 125,000 hours of dedicated service helping county citizens and neighboring communities.

The Sheriff's Amateur Radio Program is comprised of volunteer amateur radio operators licensed by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). The members of the Sheriff's Amateur Radio Program have the responsibility of assisting the Sacramento County Emergency Operations Center with any emergency requiring auxiliary communications.

Emergencies include extended power outages, disasters, and flooding. Recent disasters and acts of terrorism, which disable land based power supplies, are the type of emergencies amateur radio specialists continue to operate. Commonly referred to as "hams," amateur radio's ability to provide communications during a disaster has been the very reason they are the foundation to auxiliary communications.

The Sheriff's Amateur Radio Program also provides communication in assisting Search and Rescue, locating "at risk" missing persons, and crime prevention. SHARP may also be used to help deter juvenile truancy, prevention of graffiti, and public nuisance issues such as illegal dumping. Volunteering as the "eyes and ears" for the county, SHARP has helped in the apprehension of criminals.

SHARP was formed in 1977 due to a rash of theft crimes, and heightened citizen participation in the apprehension of the East Area Rapist. SHARP volunteers set up operations supervised by law enforcement, and began surveillance at multiple locations to help watch for criminal suspects.

The Sheriff's Amateur Radio Program is a non-profit organization and registered as a 501(c) (3) under the Volunteer Services Bureau. If you would like to make a donation in support of SHARP, or you are interested in becoming an amateur radio volunteer, please contact the SHARP Coordinator by email:

Download the Volunteer Application Adobe Acrobat File

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