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The mission of the Critical Incident Negotiation Team (C.I.N.T.) is to preserve life during critical incidents by resolving conflict without the use of force. This team initiates a constructive verbal dialog with suicidal persons, barricaded criminal suspects, hostage situations and attempts to use special crisis intervention skills to affect a non-violent resolution. The C.I.N.T. unit also responds to pre-planned events, dignitary visits and high risk warrant services.

C.I.N.T. unit members are assigned to other full-time duties within the Sheriff's Department and perform their C.I.N.T. duties in addition to their regular assignments. Sworn officers assigned to C.I.N.T. duties must meet a demanding selection criteria, attend numerous training schools and are required to attend monthly team training sessions. Additionally, team members must have a technical skill in a variety of communications equipment and must maintain proficiency with the equipment.

C.I.N.T. is on-call 24 hours a day, all year around. The team is another tool for law enforcement to peacefully resolve potentially dangerous and sometimes deadly situations without injury or death.

The C.I.N.T. unit provides training to other law enforcement and public service agencies. Training topics include: basic negotiations, first responder issues, crisis intervention, hostage survival, threat assessment and workplace violence related topics.

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