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7000 65th Street
Sacramento, CA 95823
916 • 876 • 8301

Public hours of operation:
8:00am - 5:00pm
Monday - Friday, excluding holidays

The Canine Bureau fields thirteen K9 teams. There are eleven deputies with their K9 partners and two Sergeants who are also assigned a canine partner. The Sheriff's Department purchases the canine and assigns them to a deputy/handler. All of our current canines were imported from Europe. Once assigned, the team completes an intensive pre-service course. During the course the team is trained in all aspects of Police Service Dog profiles.

The Canine Bureau provides a variety of support services to the entire department. Our primary mission is locating suspects who have fled and are in hiding. We also search for lost or missing persons, evidence, narcotics and explosives.

Our K9 teams are trained to conduct hard surface tracking as well as building, and open area searches.

Three of our K9 teams are cross-trained to detect thirteen separate explosives odors. The explosives detection teams have provided explosives sweeps for the president, visiting dignitaries and conducted pre-event sweeps at many public events throughout the Sacramento Metropolitan area.

Five of our canine teams are trained to detect narcotics odors. These teams have conducted many searches and located large quantities of narcotics.

As a unit we average approximately 140 suspect apprehensions per year. We routinely participate in many public outreach programs ranging from pre-school presentations to senior groups.

The Canine Bureau is an integral part of the Sacramento Sheriff's Department family providing safety and service with concern to the citizens of Sacramento County.

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