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711 G Street
Sacramento, CA 95814
916 • 874 • 8093

Public hours of operation:
8:00am - 4:00pm
Monday - Friday

Public Counter: (Enter West Entrance)
Arson, Gang and Narcotic Registration & Business Licenses
10:00am - 4:30pm
Monday - Friday

The Forensic Identification Unit is involved with taking inked fingerprints from persons applying for Sacramento County Business Licenses and from suspects or from victim's both alive and deceased, for identification purposes. They also are involved with processing various forms of evidence collected from crime scenes in an attempt to identify possible suspects and victims of crimes. ID Technicians perform fingerprint comparisons, photograph a variety of events, and handle counter requests for injury photographs. The Forensic Identification Unit is also responsible for constructing composite sketches for identifying possible suspects of crimes. On a major crime scene the ID Technicians may be asked to respond to the scene to assist Crime Scene Investigation deputies in processing the scene. Our ID Technicians are non-sworn, highly skilled personnel who are required to wear many hats and provide many services.

The unit was one of the first in the nation to use a computerized database, called the CAL-ID system, to perform fingerprint comparisons. We are attempting to eliminate the use of ink altogether by using "Livescan" or computerized fingerprinting techniques that work much like a grocery store bar scanner at the checkout counter.

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