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Division PhotoRecords and Warrants has Moved
The Public Counter is Temporarily Closed
Drop Box available at 4510 Orange Grove building entrance.
Use Phone and Email Contacts for Inquiries
Records and Warrants 916.874.5383

New Mailing Address:
Sacramento County Sheriff
Attn: Records and Warrants
4500 Orange Grove Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95841

To safeguard with integrity all documents entrusted to us;
To comply in every respect with all requirements of law;
To provide the highest level of professional service to all of our customers;
To encourage innovation, individual responsibility, and personal growth in each of us;
To maintain a workplace that is positive, creative, caring, and congenial.

Records and Warrants operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week providing mission critical information.

The Records and Warrants processes approximately 120,000 crime/incident reports each year. They also provide record/warrant information, criminal history, DMV, missing persons status, parole/probation status, stolen vehicle and property statuses, to field officers, detectives, and allied law enforcement agencies via radio, telephone, and teletype operations.

The Records and Warrants provides services to the general public such as Visa Clearance Letters, Criminal History Reviews, and report copies. They also make crime/incident report data available for download from the Crime Report Database. The Bureau is the point of service for Subpoenas served on the Sheriffs Department.

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