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Sheriff Scott R. JonesDear Sacramento County Residents,

Corrections in Sacramento County is facing historic challenges. A growing inmate population and ever-aging facilities have forced us to be continually innovative in our approach to how we house and treat offenders. Add to that, the implementation of Prison Realignment and the need to house, on a long term basis, hundreds of new prisoners that would have previously been sent to prison, our challenges have never been greater. As is often the case, however, challenge gives rise to opportunity, and the men and women of the Sheriff’s Department have responded in extraordinary ways.

This publication highlights many of the unique approaches that are being used both within and outside our facilities to manage our new population while maximizing their chances for successful release and reintegration back into our communities. Some of these strategies we have employed for decades, while others have arisen only as a result of the introspection our department has undergone because of Prison Realignment. In either case, the potential for eventual success of offenders to transition from a cycle of criminal behavior to becoming and remaining successful parents, spouses and citizens has never been greater. Educational goals, whether fundamental skills, high school diploma, or college credit, can be attained, as well as pertinent vocational training in a variety of fields. Very importantly, offenders can work on their psychological, behavioral, and addiction issues to break those cycles as well.

Just as there is no single category of offender, there is no single approach to treatment. By individually assessing each inmate, their educational, vocational, behavioral, and job-skills needs can be met utilizing a variety of strategies. I am very proud of the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department’s approach, which recognizes public safety as a priority while addressing offenders’ needs. I thank you for taking the time to take a look at our many Strategies for Success.

Very truly yours,

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Scott Jones, Sheriff

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