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Thank you for your interest in the Off-Duty Program. All information requested on the Off-Duty Employer Application must be provided and the form must be signed. The second page of the form is for the office’s use only and should not be completed by the applicant unless otherwise instructed. In addition, pursuant to state law effective January 1, 1998, the enclosed Indemnification Agreement must be signed and returned before an off-duty officer can work.

Your signature on the Employer Application acknowledges receipt of the Off-Duty policies as well as confirms the date, day, and time the deputy(s) should be scheduled. If you do not receive a policy statement, please contact the Off-Duty Office. Also attached is a statement of the fees charged. The basic cost per hour per officer, as well as any additional charges for equipment, if requested or required, will be added as outlined on the cost sheet.

The signed forms and fees must be received in the Off-Duty office at least ten days prior to your event. Larger jobs, those requiring five or more officers, require more than ten days for scheduling.  Contact the Off-Duty Coordinator for additional details.

Officers will not be scheduled until the fees are received. The total amount due can be found on the second page of the Employer Application. Please make your check or money order payable to the “Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department”. We cannot accept cash.

Mail your check and the completed forms back to the Sheriff’s Department at the address below. Please make sure to send it to the attention of “Off-Duty.”

Several changes to the Off-Duty Program took effect January 1, 1998. The fees noted on the second page of the Employer Application are for both officer pay and county administrative fees. Officers are no longer paid directly by the employer. Should the officer be required to work over the time scheduled, the Off-Duty Office will bill you for that additional cost.

If the date or time listed on the form is incorrect, you may make the necessary corrections directly on the form. Please call the Off-Duty Work Coordinator at 874-5096 if you have any questions.

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