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Office of the Sheriff
Community Relations Unit
Legislative Affairs
Media and Public Affairs
Sheriff's Outreach Community Advisory Board
Special Investigations/Intelligence Bureau
  • ATF Task Force
  • Anti-Terrorism
  • Business License/Labor Relations
  • Criminal Intelligence/Organized Crime
  • F.B.I. Joint Terrorism Task Force
  • Gambling/Vice Operations
  • Gun Permits
  • Pawn/Second Hand Dealers
Office of the Undersheriff
Fleet Services
Contract and Regional Services
Airport Division
Civil Bureau
Court Security Division
  • B.T. Collins Juvenile Courthouse
  • Carol Miller Justice Center
  • Gordon D. Schaber Facility
  • William R. Ridgeway Family Relations Court
Folsom Dam Bureau
Security Services
Correctional Services Field and Investigative Services
Central Division Centralized Investigations Division
North Division
  • Dewey Service Center
  • Rio Linda Service Center
Rancho Cordova Police Department
Support Services
Homeland Security
  • Mobile Field Force
  • Mutual Aid Coordinator
  • State Office of Homeland Security
Human Resources
Field Support Division
  • Information Intelligence Bureau
Professional Standards Division

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