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Public hours of operation:
7:00am - 5:00pm
Monday - Friday

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In-Service Training provides and coordinates in-service training to all Sacramento Sheriff's Department employees. We provide classes that are important to the advancement of our personnel in their respective service area, and through the ranks of supervision and management. This training increases the professional service to the citizens of Sacramento County.

Our classes are also open to and attended by law enforcement personnel from other agencies throughout California and the United States. Most classes are POST and/or STC certified and meet the highest standards in law enforcement training.

Available Courses:
Bicycle Patrol - Basic
Bicycle Patrol - Advanced
Bloodstain Pattern Interpretation 2017
Custody Cell Extraction 2017
Chemical Agent Instructor 2017
Collapsible Baton
Crime Scene Investigation - Basic 2017
Crime Scene Investigation - Advanced 2017
Crisis Intervention Training 8 hour 2017
Crisis Intervention Training 24 hour 2017
Crowd Management and Riot Control
Drug Influence & Recognition
DUI-Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (Drug-Alcohol Recognition)
Field Training Officer (2017)
Intermediate Rifle (IDC)
Firearms - Tactical Handgun
Firearms - Tactical Handgun Advanced
Firearms-Tactical Low Light 2017
Firearms - Tactical Rifle 2017
Firearms - Tactical Rifle Instructor
Firearms - Tactical Rifle Advanced (one-Day)
Firearms - Tactical Rifle Advanced (four-Day)
Gang Awareness (2017)
Interview & Interrogation
Less Lethal Weapons Instructor 2017
Peer Support Basic
SWAT 2017
Taser Operator X26 & X26P 2017

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