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reserve officers at memorial

711 G Street
Sacramento Ca, 95814
916 • 874 • 9915

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department has a Volunteer Reserve Force of approximately 164 reserve officers, Level III through Level I. Our Reserve Program is highly regarded in the law enforcement community and an integral part of our daily operations.

Working along side regular officers, reserve officers can participate in Warrant sweeps, DUI Checkpoints, Prisoner transportation, Boating and Water Safety Programs, Academy Training, Firearms Training and other related activities.

If you have already completed a Regular Basic POST modules III, II or I and are interested in more information you may contact the Reserve Officer Recruiter.

To apply for a Volunteer Reserve Deputy position, mail a completed Reserve Deputy Application Form to:

Attn: Pre-Employment Investigations
Sacramento County Sheriff's Department
P.O. Box 988
Sacramento, CA 95812-0988

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