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Firearms Instructors must be DOJ Certified Instructors and include their certification number on their Training/Qualification Certificates. We do not accept an instructor’s personal POST ID# as proof of certification. DOJ accepts firearms training provided by POST, as well as a number of other agencies, but the instructor must be a DOJ Certified Instructor in order to teach CCW classes for Sacramento County.

Firearms Instructors can be certified by either the Bureau of Firearms (BOF) or the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS), California Department of Consumer Affairs. Instructors must provide their BSIS or BOF numbers on the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department’s Qualification Form (Automated SSD Range Slip) (Manual SSD Range Slip).

At this time the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department is only allowing THREE firearms to be listed on a CCW permit. Per statute that became law in January 2017 the California Department of Justice must convene a committee to develop a standardized CCW ID/Permit. It is unknown at this time whether that ID card will afford space to list firearms or not, so at this time the old CCW paper permit is still being utilized.

All training must be completed in the presence of a certified instructor. Self-study programs are not accepted, nor count toward the hourly training requirement.

The following weapon calibers will not be allowed on a Sacramento County CCW permit.

  • 5.56 or .223
  • 7.62 or .308
  • 7.62x39 or the AK cartridge
  • 5.7 x 28mm
  • 30 carbine
  • Rifle caliber weapons (AR-Pistol, AK-Pistol, etc.)

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