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2101 Hurley Way
Sacramento, CA 95825
916 • 876 • 6641

Public hours of operation:
8:00am - 5:00pm
Monday - Friday (excluding holidays)

Towed Vehicle Search
Check to see if your vehicle has been towed by the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department or the Rancho Cordova Police Department by calling 916-876-6641, Monday thru Friday, between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm or by calling 916-874-5115 after hours.

Mission Statement
The Towing Enforcement Detail staff ensures the compliance with Department of Justice and California Vehicle Code requirements.

All vehicles towed by the Sheriff's Department, with the exception of recovered stolen vehicles, require a release procedure which ensures the released vehicles are street legal and will be lawfully driven when they leave the tow yard.

Repossession release
If your vehicle was repossessed by your finance company, a Repo Release may be obtained by the registered owner at the following locations with a $15.00 money order, a current driver's license and the license plate number.

Location Address Hours Phone
Sheriff's Northeast Division5510 Garfield AveM-F 8am-5pm874-1021
Sheriff's Main Office711 G Street M-F 7:30am-4:30pm874-5377
Sheriff's Central Division7000 65th StreetM-F 9am-5pm876-8300
All offices are closed on holidays

Towed vehicle release
Vehicles towed by the Sheriff's Department require a release. If there is not an evidence hold or 30 day hold on your vehicle, the registered owner may obtain a release by bringing a copy of the current registration, a valid driver's license and $164.00 in cash, Visa or Master Card. If the registered owner does not have a valid license they must bring a photo ID and someone with them that has a valid license. Without these documents a release will not be processed. You will also have a bill for the tow and daily storage at the tow yard.

Stolen vehicles
If your vehicle was stolen and located by the Sacramento Sheriff's Department no additional paperwork is required. Go directly to the tow company that is storing your vehicle. If it is after business hours and you have your license plate number or VIN number you may call the Sheriff's Dispatch at 874-5115 to find the location of your recovered stolen vehicle.

30 day holds
If your vehicle was towed for 14602.6 CVC (suspended or unlicensed driver), it has a 30 day hold. This means it must stay in impound for 30 days. A 30 day hold may be released early if the person driving the vehicle at the time it was towed corrects their driver's license status to valid through DMV. At that time or the end of the 30 day period the registered owner must go through the regular release process.

Registration requirements
A vehicle release requires current registration. If your registration is incomplete, you may present a "report of deposit of fees" or "notice of incomplete registration" along with a Vehicle Moving permit (DMV form # REG172) or Temporary Operating Permit (DMV form# REG19).

Post Storage Hearings
In accordance with the provisions of 22852 of the California Vehicle Code the registered owner or legal owner have the right to a hearing to determine the validity of the original tow. If you request a hearing, you must contact the Towing Enforcement office within ten days from the date of the tow. You may request the hearing in writing or by telephone. If you request a hearing it will be conducted via telephone within 48 hours from the date of your request not including weekends and holidays. If the registered owner or legal owner fails to request or attend a scheduled hearing, this shall satisfy the post-storage validity hearing requirement of CVC 22852.

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