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916 • 876 • 6543

Public hours of operation:
8:00am - 5:00pm
Monday - Friday

The Child Support Detail is assigned to assist the County of Sacramento Department of Child Support Services (DCSS). The Detectives assigned to this unit will perform enforcement and investigative duties to encourage the payment of child support.

DCSS has taken over control of child support by mandates from the State and Federal governments. The function was previously conducted by the District Attorney's Office. DCSS has contracted with the Sheriff's Department to provide investigative support. DCSS handles over 100,000 cases of child support in the county.

The detectives assigned to this unit perform a number of functions. They are responsible for the service of the civil warrants relating to child support cases and for the enforcement of court ordered paternity testing. These tests can be completed in the field by the investigator or at the DCSS office. Detectives also conduct lifestyle surveillances. These are investigations utilized when there are concerns about the factual reporting of income by either party in a child support hearing. These investigations often lead to unreported sources of income and associated fraud/perjury cases.

Avoidance of court ordered payment by non-custodial parents has become very difficult. Mandated reporting of income, new hires, public assistance claims, contractor licenses, lottery winnings, tax returns, and numerous other sources, have created vast databases to search for non-custodial parents. Failure to pay court ordered support is a crime (PC 166.4). Failure to provide for a minor child is also a crime (PC270). Cooperation between law enforcement agencies has lead to dramatic increases in recovered revenue.

The overriding concern of the DCSS and the assisting investigators is to ensure the well-being and support of the children. The focus is on revenue recovery not on incarceration. The children in these cases are better served with the proper support needed to ensure a safe and healthy existence. However, once it becomes apparent that cooperation cannot be established with the non-custodial parent, steps that are more aggressive will be taken.

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