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Christopher W. BooneChristopher Boone was shot and killed while on a surveillance assignment at the residence of a female who had become the victim of a series of obscene and threatening telephone calls.

On the morning of October 25, 1979, the suspect called the woman while Detective Boone was present in the home. In addition to his threats, he made known his intent to confront her in the home that day. A short time later the suspect arrived at the residence to carry out his threats.

When the suspect entered the home, Detective Boone identified himself and verbally placed the subject under arrest. The man attempted to run from the house, but was caught by Boone at the front door. A violent struggle ensued and Detective Boone was shot and mortally wounded.

Subsequent investigation concluded the suspect had entered the home with the intent to commit sexual assault and as revealed by his prior threats, the woman's life was also in mortal danger.

Detective Boone was awarded the Sheriff's Department Medal of Valor, posthumously, for conspicuous bravery in the line of duty.

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