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Paul W. DeRouenDuring the early morning hours on January 27, 1986, Deputy Paul DeRouen was dispatched to a location on Waterman Road near Elk Grove Boulevard.  It had been reported that a fight was in progress at that location.  While Deputy DeRouen was trying to subdue one of the suspects, he and the man struggled and fell on to the roadway.  A speeding car struck both men and Deputy Paul DeRouen was thrown 38 feet and received life threatening injuries.  He was rushed to the hospital where he underwent surgery and had his left leg amputated along with most of his left hip.  He required over 50 pints of blood. 

Paul was a fighter.  He wanted to remain with his family and continue his law enforcement career.  He never gave up.  This attitude made it possible for him to leave the hospital after only three months and return home.  He continued to have tremendous strength as he fought to resume his life and career.  But after continued surgeries and complications he realized his law enforcement career was over.  He continued to fight the fight for over 22 years when his devastating injuries finally took his life on March 29, 2008.

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