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David MillerSheriff's Detective David E. Miller was killed in a vehicle accident while off duty on January 2, 1983.

Detective Miller was leaving a north area establishment when his brother-in-law, who had accompanied him, became involved in an altercation with two men in the parking lot. The two subjects got into their car and while leaving the parking lot, the vehicle swerved and struck Miller's brother-in-law. Detective Miller, witnessing the incident, jumped into his pick up truck and chased the two men. He had witnessed the altercation and when the vehicle struck his brother-in-law, perhaps causing serious injury or death, he believed he had been deliberately run over and pursued the potentially fleeing felons.

Detective Miller drove at high rate of speed following the two subjects. As he gained on the vehicle, he attempted to slowly force it over to the side of the road; however, Detective Miller's pick up hit the rear of the other car and the pick up left the road, hitting a power pole. Detective Miller was killed instantly in the crash.

Subsequent investigation determined that Miller's brother-in-law was struck accidentally causing minor injuries.

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