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Bruce VerhoevenCorporal Bruce Verhoeven was assigned to a special crime suppression detail during the Christmas holiday season of 1973 when he responded to an armed robbery in progress call at a department store in the north area of Sacramento County. Upon arriving at the scene, Corporal Verhoeven assumed a position of cover near an apartment complex where the suspect was hiding. He then cordoned off a small area on one side of the complex to prevent the suspect's escape.

Faced with the situation of a close quartered apartment complex with a multitude of residents and a gathering crowd of on-lookers, Corporal Verhoeven exercised extreme caution rather than risk serious injury to any of the bystanders. He took cover behind a truck and ordered the suspect several times to throw down his weapon and surrender. The suspect suddenly opened fire upon Corporal Verhoeven, mortally wounding him.

A fellow officer at the scene returned fire, killing Corporal Verhoeven's assailant. Corporal Bruce Verhoeven was awarded the Sheriffs Department Medal of Valor, posthumously, for bravery above and beyond the call of duty.

The Bruce Verhoeven Memorial Fund, established on behalf of widows and orphans for Sheriff's Department personnel, was so named in honor of Corporal Verhoeven.

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