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The Sacramento Sheriff’s Department online reporting system allows citizens to submit an online report that occurs in the unincorporated Sacramento County and Rancho Cordova jurisdictions. A valid email address is required to submit an online report.

We strongly encourage you to be thorough and accurate when submitting the report. In addition, we must remind the citizen that submitting a false report is a crime.

In an emergency always dial 9-1-1

Make sure you don’t need a officer to take the report
Sacramento County does NOT take online reports pertaining to assault; robbery; sexual assault; violent crime; domestic violence; terrorist threats; theft from person; residential burglary; violation of protection orders; stolen cars; car accidents; hit and run accidents; arson; biased crimes; parental kidnapping and burglary of business, apartment, or rental storage. These incidents should be reported by calling 916-874-5115 (non-emergency).

Just need to add missing property information to your active report?

  1. you will need to provide your original report number (i.e. 2020-xxxxxxx)
  2. if possible, the make and/or model and serial numbers of any equipment
Use this link, if a theft or burglary report has been taken and you have not submitted a list of missing property to the Sheriff’s Department. When prompted, select Have Property Info to Enter and follow the online instructions.

Make sure you can report your incident online
These types of incident reports CAN be reported online:

Identity theftFailure to pay for services
Lost propertyCitizen information report
Property theftIllegal dumping
Mail theftVandalism
Theft from vehicleTelephone harassment

Make sure you have all the information you need to submit your report
The program will ask about:

YourselfWho is reporting (victim identity)
IncidentWhen and where it happened and your detailed description of the event. You can also attach pictures/images to the report in this section.
PersonWho are the suspects and witnesses (optional)
VehicleWhat vehicle was involved in the incident (optional)
Property What was lost, stolen, forged or damaged

Once your report is submitted, you will receive an email confirmation with a tracking number. Within approximately ten business days your incident will be reviewed by Sheriff Personnel. An official copy of the report and case number will be delivered to your email when approved. Reports are reviewed and assigned to detectives for follow-up based on investigative leads, severity of the crime, investigative staffing and the District Attorney's case filing guidelines. Please contact the Centralized Investigations Division at 874-5041 if you have questions regarding your report. Please have your report number available if you call. Contact your local service center for additional information regarding the report or questions about submitting a report online.

NOTE: Check your junk mail or spam inbox if the tracking number is not received within 15 minutes after submitting the report. Furthermore, add to your trusted email list.

To determine if your incident can be submitted online please answer the questions below

Question Yes No
Did the incident occur in the city limits of Sacramento, Citrus Heights, Elk Grove, Galt, or Folsom? Click here to find your jurisdiction.
Was someone injured as a result of this incident?
Did the crime involve the use or threat of a weapon (gun, knife etc)?
Was any physical evidence left at the scene?
If your crime was a theft, did someone enter your home, business, or locked garage without your permission?
Did the crime involve the theft of a motor vehicle or license plate?

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