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Effective January 1, 2019, the California State Legislature mandated the release of specified peace officer and custodial officer personnel records. These records include serious misconduct investigations, officer-involved shootings, and other serious uses of force. The release of these records is in accordance with the California Public Records Act.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office has received a multitude of related Public Records Act requests from various parties that seek a wide timeline of records. These requests require Sheriff’s personnel to locate, retrieve, and review voluminous records maintained in various types of recordkeeping systems and formats.

The Sheriff’s Office is committed to compliance with its obligations pursuant to this mandate and other applicable laws, and continues to take steps to ensure we have located all responsive records from all potential sources.

The Sheriff’s Office has a legal obligation to remove certain confidential information before public release. Failure to do so exposes the Sheriff’s Office and the County of Sacramento to liability. This requirement prevents the full and immediate release of all requested public records.

In response to the volume of requests and materials for review, the Sheriff’s Office has created a Prepublication Review Unit and reassigned personnel from its various divisions to create a dedicated staff to locate, review, and redact these records.

As our staff processes these records for public dissemination, requested documents are available through our Public Record Request system. Media files such as audio, video, and photographs are available through our Dropbox link.

About the Legislation

Senate Bill 1421, Chapter 988, Statutes of 2018 (SB 1421) amends Penal Code §§ 832.7 and 832.8 and requires the disclosure of records relating to the report, investigation, or findings of any of the following:

  • An incident involving the discharge of a firearm at a person by a peace officer or custodial officer.
  • An incident in which the use of force by a peace officer or custodial officer against a person resulted in death, or in great bodily injury.
  • Any record relating to an incident in which a sustained finding was made by any law enforcement agency or oversight agency that a peace officer or custodial officer engaged in sexual assault involving a member of the public.
  • Any record relating to an incident in which a sustained finding was made by any law enforcement agency or oversight agency of dishonesty by a peace officer or custodial officer directly relating to the reporting, investigation, or prosecution of a crime, or directly relating to the reporting of, or investigation of misconduct by, another peace officer or custodial officer, including, but not limited to, any sustained finding of perjury, false statements, filing false reports, destruction, falsifying, or concealing of evidence.

Mandated Redaction

The California Legislature mandates the redaction of public records pursuant to Penal Code § 832.7(b)(5). Information contained within these records are often sensitive, confidential, and personal in nature. The law directs the Sheriff’s Office to redact information in the record for the following reasons:

  • To remove personal data from the record.
  • To preserve the anonymity of complainants and witnesses.
  • To protect confidential medical, financial, or other information prohibited by federal law or cause unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.
  • Where there is specific, articulable, and particularized reason to believe the disclosure of the information would pose a significant danger to the safety of the peace officer, custodial officer, or any other person.
  • Where, on the facts of the particular case, the public interest served by not disclosing the information clearly outweighs the public interest served by disclosure of the information.

Released Video Files:

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