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Across the Sacramento Valley, police agencies respond to caregivers of people with special needs that are missing, and to concerned citizens regarding someone they have found that needs assistance but can’t identify themselves; communicate information about their needs; or who provides for their care. When police respond to these incidents, information is the critical element to provide for the safety of the person involved – information that is timely, accurate, searchable, and especially information that is accessible across the entire region.

This concept has been turned into action by adapting an existing photo-based information system, one hosted by the Sheriff’s Department and currently used by all police agencies throughout the Sacramento region, to include information about people with special needs, based on a voluntary enrollment by the person’s caregiver through a supporting organization. This secure, Sheriff-hosted application became the Take Me Home Safely Program, and is accessible by all law enforcement agencies throughout the Sacramento Valley region through the Known Persons File system.

The Alta California Regional Center (ACRC) assists persons with developmental disabilities, including infants at risk and their families who live in Sacramento, Yolo, Colusa, Sutter, Yuba, Sierra, Nevada, Placer, El Dorado and Alpine counties. ACRC does this by providing and securing those services and supports necessary to maximize opportunities and choices. ACRC is part of a rich community tapestry, made up of the consumers and families they serve, providers of services their consumers use, advocacy groups, and many other social service agencies. To most efficiently utilize public funds in meeting the needs of consumers, ACRC works in a collaborative nature with other social service agencies that also offer individualized support services. ACRC considers itself a “collaborative partner,” one that links consumers to existing community resources on a needs basis, and one that also accept referrals from the community. ACRC’s guidance and coordination for registering interested people for Take Me Home Safely is the real key to success of this approach, and to sustaining this effort for the long run.

The Take Me Home Safely Program is intended to serve, through expert organizations, people with developmental disabilities or medical conditions that may increase their risk of wandering or being lost, or that may be unable to identify themselves or provide accurate information about their immediate needs.

Registering for the "Take Me Home Safely" Program

Registering for the Take Me Home Safely program requires submitting information and a photograph or picture file to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department through the ACRC or responsible caregiver. All information provided to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department is provided voluntarily for law enforcement purposes, and the provider and subject waive any and all claims against the County of Sacramento arising out of the voluntary disclosure of said information. Timely accurate information is the responsibility of the reporting party. At minimum, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department recommends that the voluntarily provided information be reviewed/update annually or whenever there is an information change. Should the registered individual become lost, law enforcement will use the voluntarily provided information to reunite the registrant with their family or caregiver.

Filing a false police report is a misdemeanor and a violation of CA PC 148.5(C), and can be punishable by imprisonment in the county jail for up to one year and a fine up to $1,000.00.

To register with the program, click here.

To update an existing registrant profile, click here.

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