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SHERIFF JONES: Good afternoon, Mr. President. Thank you for inviting me. Obviously, I’m at ground zero for the sanctuary state for California. You know, there’s really two different issues that the sanctuary state addresses. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that California law enforcement, we don’t do immigration enforcement in the communities. We want people to have the comfort and confidence to call us if they need help. That’s our primary mission. Although, that’s the way it’s portrayed, that we work arm-in-arm in the communities. We just don’t do that. So that piece of it really doesn’t affect law enforcement in California.

But the other piece to which Director Homan spoke is of critical importance to all of law enforcement, poignantly so for the sheriffs because we have corrections. And although we have a large jail system and we have embedded ICE agents in our jail, so very few people are able to slip through the cracks, most jails are not that fortunate. And there are spectacular failures every single day around California and, I’m sure beyond, of folks that ICE wants as part of their priority — criminals that are going to go out and at a known recidivism rate victimize other folks — that we’re unable to capture, apprehend, and keep detained for deportation.

I also have the unfortunate distinction of having one of my officers killed — Danny Oliver. He also killed Detective Mike Davis in adjacent Placer County, and shot a third officer. He’s been convicted and faces the death penalty. But he had been removed four times and deported twice before he was allowed to come back and commit these crimes. So that really started my personal journey and passion towards immigration enforcement.

So it’s not about the community enforcement for us. When I say “us,” it’s California law enforcement. It is absolutely about cooperating with our federal partners to keep our communities safe, which we’re less able to do now.

THE PRESIDENT: Absolutely right, Scott. Thank you very much.

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