Non-Sworn Assignments

Job opportunities within the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department for civilian employees include:

Sheriff’s Records Specialist

The Sheriff's Records Specialist class performs a range of specialized technical clerical support duties in relation to law enforcement including, but not limited to the following: criminal records, warrants, civil process, and inmate booking and processing. This class is used strictly in the Sheriff's Department. Positions in this class vary in actual duties performed depending on the needs of the specific division assigned. They hold positions throughout the Department including the Main Jail, Records Bureau, and Civil Division.

Community Services Officer

Under supervision, performs non-hazardous vehicle code and parking regulation enforcement duties for the Sheriff's Department throughout the general unincorporated area of Sacramento County. Some positions may be assigned to an incorporated city to which law enforcement and related support services are being provided by the County of Sacramento.

Sheriff’s Security Officer

The Sheriff's Security Officer is a journey-level class under the operational control of the Sheriff's Department. Under general supervision, incumbents independently perform a variety of security guard functions such as safety, security, traffic and parking control, and controlling and monitoring access of personnel at various locations, including but not limited to, County courthouses, County Administration building, the Sheriff's headquarters building and substations, the airport, main jail, and other non-County facilities as contracted. Incumbents are non-sworn, armed and uniformed civilian personnel; they are specifically not authorized to exercise peace officer powers, and can make arrests only in their capacity as a private citizen. Security Officers may not receive prisoners, issue citations or make any investigations except those that are incidental to the theft, loss, misappropriation, or concealment of any property which they have been assigned to protect, guard, or watch.

Sheriff’s Records Officer

The Sheriff's Records Officer (SRO) I is the journey level class within the SRO class series. This class is designed to perform a wide variety of specialized and/or technical support duties unique to law enforcement which have been organized so that sworn personnel are relieved for the more essential and technical law enforcement work. Assignments and duties vary greatly and may require specific knowledge, experience, and training.

Sheriff’s 911 Call Dispatcher

Sheriff's 911 Call Dispatchers are assigned to the Sheriff's Department Communications Bureau. The Communications Bureau receives emergency and non-emergency telephone calls from Sacramento County residents, and cities contracting with the department for law enforcement services.

Sheriff’s Dispatcher

The Sheriff's Communication Dispatcher class is characterized by (1) a high volume of dispatching requiring specialized knowledge of law enforcement procedures, codes, and statutes; and (2) the responsibility in ensuring the safety of patrol units and decision-making in emergency situations. Incumbents operate keyboard-controlled computer assisted video display consoles, standard telephone and two-way radio equipment.