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Sacramento County Inmate Information


  • There is no expectation of privacy for e-mail messages. Every message will be reviewed by jail staff; therefore this system should not be used for legal or confidential mail, or other privileged communications.
  • Do not use the inmate email system to solicit business or advertise services. Messages that appear to be unsolicited advertisements will not be forwarded to the inmate.
  • Please limit your correspondence to one message per day in lieu of a conventional letter.
  • Messages are limited to a single page and may not contain pictures or other attachments.
  • Inmates will not receive the message electronically. The message will be received by jail staff, printed and delivered to the inmate, generally the following morning.
  • Inmates will not be able to respond via e-mail. Outgoing correspondence will continue to be by U.S. Mail.
  • In the Address fields below, please enter the address that you prefer the inmate to use for any return correspondence.
  • E-mail received for inmates who are no longer in custody will not be delivered.
  • The inmate email system is not paid for using taxpayer dollars. Funding is provided entirely by the Inmate Welfare Fund.
  • For more information and troubleshooting, view our extended instructional guide.

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