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March 30, 2018

Sacramento Sheriff Introduces Shotspotter Technology

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department is excited to announce its partnership with the Sacramento Police Department in utilizing the innovative ShotSpotter technology within specific areas of south Sacramento County.

Within south Sacramento, the jurisdictional boundaries between the Sheriff’s Department and the Police Department are closely intertwined and both organizations often respond together if there is a major call for service occurring on a jurisdictional boundary line.

The acoustic technology can accurately locate a gunshot fired within a particular area and quickly direct officers to the area to intervene and investigate.

A firearm produces a distinct noise signature; the system has the ability to distinguish gunfire from other similar sounds such as firecrackers, bottle rockets, or car backfires.  The program can greatly improve emergency response times, enhance community safety, and help direct valuable resources where they are needed most.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department has identified an undisclosed three-square-mile area of coverage within south Sacramento County for expanded service.  The system was installed over the past few months and is now operational.

The system instantly notifies officers of the locations of gunfire with real-time data delivered to dispatch centers, patrol cars, and even smartphones.  Instant alerts enable first responders to aid victims, collect evidence, and quickly apprehend armed and dangerous offenders.

How ShotSpotter works:

·         A gun is fired making a distinct sound that can be easily detected.

·         Multiple ShotSpotter sensors throughout the coverage area are triggered.

·         ShotSpotter Software Review Center analyzes the data and has the ability to pinpoint

          a location up to 25 feet.

·         Information is received by officers in the field and dispatch simultaneously;

          dispatchers then work to coordinate responding officers to the area using either ShotSpotter software or the

          9-1-1 system.

·         Within minutes, officers arrive at precisely the right location, fully aware of the situation before they get there.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department is proud of this partnership and is excited to bring an enhanced level of safety and service to the community we serve.

Sergeant Shaun Hampton

Sheriff’s Spokesman

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