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Walgreens’ Refusal to Press Charges Against Thieves

Just after 1 pm on Saturday, March 11, 2023, North Patrol deputies responded to Walgreens near Arden Way and Howe Avenue regarding the report of a robbery in progress. An employee called 9-1-1 and advised our communications center dispatchers that two subjects walked out with stolen merchandise, then physically hit an employee when confronted. Additionally, the caller described a vehicle in which the subjects fled.

Responding deputies quickly located the vehicle and detained both subjects without incident. They discovered hundreds of dollars in stolen items and eagerly contacted Walgreens to return the items and complete their felony investigation. When they spoke to the employee, deputies learned the subjects never actually hit the employee as they reported when they called 9-1-1; but rather spit on them (while arguably worse, it is only a misdemeanor under California law absent other articulable circumstances).

Despite our deputies’ best efforts, Walgreens and their employees refused to press charges. Furthermore, they would not confirm if all the items stolen were in fact theirs or if they totaled enough to warrant a felony arrest. Lack of cooperation from large retailers such as Walgreens makes our duty of enforcing laws far more complicated than it should be. Rest assured, the men and women of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office remain steadfast in our commitment to keeping the public safe and criminals off the street.


Sergeant Amar Gandhi

Sheriff’s Spokesman

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