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UVisa Request

A Sacramento Sheriff’s Office report was taken and

The case has not been referred to the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office or

The case was referred to the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office, but was rejected for prosecution

If the case was reviewed by the Sacramento County District Attorneys Office, and charges were filed (including cases where a warrant was issued), vist the site for instructions.


All requests for certification must be submitted with a copy of the Sacramento Sheriff’s Office report. To obtain a copy of the report contact the Sheriff’s Records Section at 4510 Orange Grove Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95841 (Phone: 916 874-5383).

I-918 B forms must be completely and accurately filled out with the exception of the Name of Certifying Official line, Title and Division/Office of Certifying Official line, Signature of Certifying Official line, and Date line. If the required information is not provided, is incomplete, or filled out incorrectly, forms may be returned or rejected.

Do not include information about injuries that the Certifying Official cannot attest to (for example "applicant suffered emotional trauma and cannot sleep at night").

If the Certifying Official does not agree with the information you have provided, the certification may be denied or changes may be made to the certification form. If the certification is denied or any alteration is significant, you will be notified.

Please put all information within the fields provided.

Agency information required for the I-918 B form (Part 2):

Name of Certifying Agency: Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office

Name of Head of Certifying Agency: Cooper James, Sheriff

Agency Address: 4500 Orange Grove Avenue, Sacramento CA 95841

Phone: (916) 874-5120

Fax: (916) 874-2656

Agency Type: Local

Certifying Agency Category: Law Enforcement

All requests should be sent to:

Sacramento Sheriff's Office
Attn: Legal Affairs/U-Visa
4500 Orange Grove Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95841

Please include a stamped self-addressed envelope with your certification request. If you have further questions, contact Legal Affairs at or (916) 874-5120. The form can be found at:

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