Sac Sheriff


Emergency 7-Digit number (equivalent to 911)




TDD Non-Emergencies (Speech and Hearing Impaired Only)


Airport Division

Airport 916-874-0675
Lost & Found 916-874-0701 email

Alternative Sentencing

Alternative Sentencing 916-874-1400 ext 6
Work Release Division 916-874-1400
Home Detention Recorded Information 916-874-1479
Toy Project 916-361-4571
Work Project Recorded Information 916-874-1402
Home Detention Reception 916-874-1413

Central Division

Central Division 916-876-8300
Central Division HOT 916-874-4468 E-mail
Florin Service Center 916-876-8309
Marine Enforcement 916-875-0493
Rancho Murieta Service Center 916-354-8509
Walnut Grove Service Center 916-776-2523

Centralized Investigations

Auto Theft Task Force (ACE) 916-875-5388
Child Abuse 916-874-5191 E-mail
Cold Case 916-874-5057 E-mail
Crimes Against Persons 916-874-5057 E-mail
Gang Suppression 916-874-5041
Homicide 916-874-5057 E-mail
Major Crimes 916-874-5041 E-mail
Missing Persons 916-874-6177 E-mail
Property Crimes 916-875-5388 E-mail
Robbery 916-875-5388 E-mail
Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement (S.A.F.E.) Team 916-874-4317 E-mail
Sex Assaults/Elder Abuse 916-874-5070 E-mail
Sex Offender Registration 916-874-5090 E-mail

Civil Bureau

Civil Bureau 916-875-2665 E-mail

Community Relations

Community Relations 916-874-7774 E-mail
Media Relations 916-874-5021 E-mail

Court Liaison

Court Liaison 916-874-5102

Court Security Division

Court Security Division 916-874-5297

Correctional Health Services

Correctional Health Services 916-876-7195 E-mail

East Division

East Division HOT 916-874-1025 E-mail
General Information & Investigations 916-875-9600
Kilgore Service Center 916-875-9602

Field Support Division

Communications Bureau 916-874-5020
Crime Scene Investigations (CSI) 916-874-5115
DNA Registration 916-874-8076
Live Scan Special Business License 916-874-8076
Property Bureau (Recorded Information) 916-875-5650
Property Bureau (Main Line) 916-875-5651
Records Bureau 916-874-5383 E-mail
Warrants 916-874-5088
Live Scan (Florin) 916-876-8338
Live Scan (Hurley) 916-876-5763
Live Scan (Kilgore) 916-876-9654

Fiscal Bureau

Fiscal Bureau 916-874-5156
Alarm Ordinance 916-874-4616

Human Resources Bureau

Human Resources Bureau 916-874-1195

Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs 916-874-5098

Impact Bureau

Division Office 916-874-3000
Identity Theft Task Force 916-874-3000 E-mail
Internet Crimes Against Children 916-874-3002 E-mail
Hi-Tech Crimes Task Force 916-874-3002 E-mail
Youth Services 916-875-8873

Main Jail Division

Inmate & Court Information Line 916-874-6752
General Information Line 916-874-6905
Attorney Visitation Information Line 916-874-5711

North Patrol Division

North Patrol Division 916-874-1021
North Division HOT 916-874-1025 E-mail
Dewey Service Center 916-875-5484
Orangevale Service Center TBD
Town and Country Service Center 916-874-2600

Off-Duty Work Program

Off-Duty Work Program 916-874-5096 E-mail

Pre-Employment Investigations Unit

General Information 916-874-9802
Recruitment Information 916-874-COPS E-mail

Professional Standards

Employee Relations Officer 916-874-5323
Fair Employment Officer 916-874-6054

Rancho Cordova Police Department

Rancho Cordova Police Department 916-875-9600
Rancho Cordova Police Department HOT 916-875-9600 E-mail

Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center

Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center 916-874-1927
Jail Industries 916-874-1804
Reentry Services 916-874-1874

Security Services

Folsom Dam 916-989-7105
Parking Enforcement 916-876-6642
Red Light Program 916-876-6643 E-mail
Regional Transit Police Services 916-321-2877
Security Services Bureau 916-875-0427
Towing Enforcement 916-876-6641

Sheriff's Executive Staff

Scott Jones, Sheriff 916-874-7146 E-mail
Erik Maness, Undersheriff 916-874-5094
Chief Deputy, Support Services 916-874-5013
Chief Deputy, Contract & Regional Services 916-874-5015
Chief Deputy, Correctional Services 916-874-5686
Chief Deputy, Field & Investigative Services 916-874-5017

Special Investigations/Intelligence Bureau

Special Investigations/Intelligence Bureau E-mail
Bingo Compliance 916-874-6485
Business Licenses 916-874-6485
Gun Permits (Information Line) 916-874-8450 E-mail

Technical Services Division

Division Office 916-874-5277

Training & Education Bureau

Training & Education Bureau 916-875-0405 916-875-0046
In-Service Training 916-876-7457
Kenneth Royal Firearms Range 916-874-1953
Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) 916-228-3858

Volunteer Services Bureau

Volunteer Coordinator 916-874-7339 E-mail
Reserves 916-874-9915 E-mail

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