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COVID-19 Information

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COVID-19 Information

Protocol – Staff protocols are based on local and federal guidance and are regularly revised as processes are changed or refined. Any inmate exhibiting symptoms consistent with the CDC COVID-19 symptom list are tested.

  • Nursing staff complete health checks for patients in the COVID-19 isolation unit. This includes symptom screening, temperature and oxygen saturation level check, and patient education on current COVID-19 symptoms and hygiene practices. Nurses triage patients who need provider visits.
  • All inmates may request to be seen for medical services verbally or through a written document called a health service request.

Testing – All inmates receive COVID-19 testing. Education is provided prior to testing on why testing is being done. Testing is extensive and completed on:

  • Inmates with possible symptoms of COVID

Any inmate requesting a paper copy of the test result will be provided with documentation. All inmates are provided the opportunity to discuss test results with medical staff.

Vaccinations – All inmates are offered vaccinations including boosters, provided education and can participate in an incentive program.

Masking – Masking is encouraged for all staff.

  • Signage is posted throughout the facility encouraging masking.

Cleaning & Sanitation – The jails are cleaned throughout the day with special emphasis placed on high traffic and visitation areas. Twice a day, officers utilize handheld and backpack electrostatic sprayers, combined with an approved cleaning solution, to disinfect the entire facility.

  • Soap is available to every inmate throughout the facility on an as needed basis. Inmates are encouraged to regularly clean their living areas.

Showers and Phones – Inmates who are in isolation housing receive access to use the phones and showers.

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