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Academy - Physical Ability Test

Applicants must pass the Academy physical ability test in fewer than three minutes and thirty seconds to be eligible for entrance into the Academy.

Purpose of the test

The Physical Ability Test is an Academy entry requirement consisting of obstacles and tasks similar to those experienced in academy training and field service as a law enforcement officer. The applicant is required to demonstrate the physical ability skills necessary to complete all elements of the test in the time allotted. Successful completion of every skill is mandatory.


Wear clothing that will allow the maximum freedom of movement, yet provide protection against abrasions. All candidates MUST wear standard athletic shoes. Candidates wearing steel-toed shoes or cleats will be barred from participation. Dressing rooms will not be available, so arrive at the testing site dressed in the appropriate athletic attire. Sacramento County is not responsible for any lost or stolen property, so please do not bring valuables to the test location.

Physical Condition

Persons who are not in good physical condition should not participate in the physical ability test. Every candidate will be required to sign a Waiver of Civil Liability that releases the County of Sacramento and the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department from liability for any injury that might result from participation in the physical ability test. Please bring water to the testing site.

Instructions for hurdle and go between

Candidates must go over the single bars (30" high hurdles) and step between the double bars (22" and 42" high go-betweens). Use of hands on these bars is prohibited. A five-second penalty is assessed for each bar knocked off the stand, and/or for the use of hands. The maximum penalty for each bar is five seconds. DO NOT STOP if a penalty is assessed against your time.

Instructions for the Solid Wall Climb

Candidates must climb over two 6-foot solid walls.

Instructions for running maze

Candidates must follow the designated, coned path. If a candidate jumps a cone or leaves the maze course incorrectly, he/she will be directed back to the point of departure and continue through the maze.

Instructions for the wrist lock device

Candidates exit the maze and run to the wristlock device. The candidate must grasp the pressure bars with palms facing upward, press the bars to their full extension and hold in place for 15 seconds. The candidates may not lace fingers together, or lean against the device. The candidate must remain in the designated area annotated on the ground. A proctor will time each candidate.

Instructions for rest station

After releasing the wristlock device, the candidate will have a mandatory 30-second rest period that is included in the overall time. During this 30-second period, a proctor will give instructions for the body drag. At the end of the 30-second rest period, instructions of "ready, set, go" (or similar instruction) will be given. A proctor will time each candidate.

Instructions for "dummy" drag

After receiving the command "go," the candidate will run from the rest line to the dummy, grab the dummy under both arms and drag the dummy until the legs pass the last set of cones. Once the legs of the dummy pass the last set of cones, the proctor will direct the candidate to drop the dummy and run to the finish line. (The dummy weight is approximately 165 lbs.) DO NOT throw the dummy!

Physical Agility Diagram

Physical Agility Diagram

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